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Our Services

We help client companies to better understanding and predict the challenges of the every changing business environment.


Market Analysis

Clients hire TRN to investigate and quantify and evaluate difficult to understand markets for emerging products and services. Recent examples include in the telematics sector, and ongoing work on the market for generative Artificial Intelligence.


Regulatory Impact

With extensive experience of regulatory affairs, we identify emerging challenges, potential responses and opportunities. We are currently evaluating the impact of a range of supply chain sustainability regulations at the EU and national level.


Sustainability Benchmarking

Sustainability reporting is significantly more challenging than many companies like to admit, particularly in relation to indirect suppliers. We identify best practice from similar supply chains to those of the client.

Bespoke Research Projects
Leading Clients
Regional & National Markets

Consulting for Companies

Business has changed dramatically in the post-COVID world. AI and geopolitical risk are accelerating the pace of change.

TRN is an agile, adaptable and future-facing research partner to help navigate the hidden risks and opportunities of the ever changing business climate.


Supply Chain Risk

From fast fashion to food processing, retail supply chains are coming under increasing pressure from employees, consumers, shareholders, lenders, regulators, producer communities, local stakeholders and NGOs.

We help companies to understand, quantify and mitigate the growing range of risks, and devise strategies to turn risk mitigation into opportunities to create value.


Technology Advisory

Renewables, 5G, remote sensing, AI & cyber security are just a few of the areas where our clients have required independent analysis of technologies and underlaying business models.


TRN went to great lengths to exceed the brief to deliver actionable insights and lasting relationships with new business partners

…an appreciative client in Tokyo




Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We are based in London but work all over the world directly or through our network of research and consulting partners. We work primarily in UK, Japan, Korea, Australia and the US. We work through direct contact, video calls and email which means we can meet you anywhere. Compared to 10 years ago, we travel much less, have a lower carbon footprint, but cover a wider range of geographies.

Who do you work for?

We work for some of the leading companies in automotive, telecoms, retail and food processing. Our projects tend to be fairly sensitive so we do not publicise the names on our website. We also work for public and non-profit organisations including government agencies and Universities.

How do you charge for your services?

Our charges depend on the client requirements. We generally submit a fully costed proposal in response to an RFP. In other cases, we bid against a fixed budget.