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About TRN Ltd

Technology & Sustainability Consulting

Thinking outside of the silo

TRN is a London-based research consultancy with a global view. We focus on supply chain challenges from emerging sustainability regulatory impact, through to detailed end-user market analysis forecasting and scenarios.

To see the big picture, we have to think outside of the silo and look at problems from multiple perspectives. Internal and external stakeholders, innovators, financiers and activists, all have a role to play in shaping the future.

Our clients are leading global suppliers in automotive, telecoms, raw materials and processing industries in Europe, USA, Japan, Korea & Australia

By understanding the financial, technology and market drivers of our clients, in the contact of the broader business environment, we provide deeply insightful and actionable solutions

Human intelligence meets data

Out clients choose TRN to cut through the noise. For senior management, too much information is as big a problem as not enough. Good decision making requires the right information and analysis a the right time. By identifying and engaging with the right industry experts, and building our analysis on the basis of validated financial and market data, we cut through to build a clear and concise view to support good decisions to meet specific KPIs.