About TRN - Tech Industry Business Development

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TRN - Recent Supply Chain Projeccts 

TRN Ltd is a UK-based research and business development consultancy specialising in the convergence of new technology, supply chain and regulation.

We work for some of the leading companies in their sectors to help them navigate the rapidly evolving business environment.

We deliver tailor-made solutions, analysis, market data and industry studies, benchmarking and partner assessment, to give senior management the hard data and insights required for formulating and implementing strategic decisions.

When senior management needs impartial and deep understanding of rapidly evolving business opportunities, it is time to contact TRN.

Our current areas of interest and recent client projects include:

  Specialist Area  Recent Client Project Themes
  Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine vision for autonomous driving
  • AI for customer service and consumer experience
  • New battery technology for automotive and power grid applications
  • Road user charging, fleet management and vehicle tracking
  Supply Chain Sustainability
  • Palm Oil, Timber Pulp, Coffee, Rubber sustainability benchmarking 
  • Corporate structures for sustainability reporting in the food processing industry
  • Use of renewable and recyclable materials in car design and production
  • Sustainability requirement in the selection of Tier 1 & 2 suppliers to automotive OEMs
  Regulatory / Policy Impact Assessments
  • Carbon Footprint Labelling standards
  • Food Labelling Standards
  • Food Reformulation Policy (for WHO)
  • Public Procurement - Use of EU & WTO regulations in theory and practice
  • Intellectual Property / Patent protection and dispute resolution
  Quantitative Market Studies, Forecasts & Opportunity Idenitfication
  • Numerous consumer market studies for global brands in UK & Europe
  • Public and Hospital procurement processes for non-clinical consumables 
  • European and US markets for outdoor and angling equipment
  • Financial Technology partner assessments
  • Payment Solution partner assessments
    REPORTS While much of our research is for specific client organisations, we also publish and share results where we can.  A number of projects and reports which we have contributed to are now in the public domain and can be viewed by following the links below.