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Indian Tracking Report Header

Indian Vehicle Tracking &

Fleet Management Market, 2013-17 2nd Edition, June 2013


The new 146 page report with 72 original charts takes a fresh look at the Indian vehicle tracking and fleet management market in light of recent economic developments, revised economic forecasts and recent changes in the political outlook in the first half of 2013. The report is based on primary interviews with providers of fleet management systems as well as with commercial vehicle manufacturers and other market participants both within India and internationally. The report includes in-depth analysis of 12 vertical markets for tracking and fleet management and makes individual forecasts for these based on their unique demand drivers and dynamics. The report includes interview-based profiles with 20 of the leading tracking and fleet management companies in India, and includes a wealth of original market data, industry intelligence, expert opinion and original forecasts of vertical market volume and value under two highly developed scenarios to 2017.

TRN India FMS Report Cover - August 2012

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The following papers and presentation are now available from our achieve, free of charge.

TRN Paper examining the likely impact of the financial crisis on the European fleet management sector, written at the depth of the initial downturn.

TRN Impact of Financial Crisis on European Fleet Management Sector

TRN Presentation to ITS Japan on developments in EU safety policy (see final slides for linkage between usage based insurance / PAYD and safety)

TRN ITS Japan European Road Safety Policy Developments, (English Version)

TRN 欧州における道路交通安全施策の現状, (Japanese Version)

TRN Presentation to Japanese Ministry of Transport on recent developments in automatic vehicle identification (AVI), in particular electronic number plates (ENP).

TRN Recent Developments in Electronic Vehicle Identification (English Version)

TRN 国土交通省英国DVLA電子ナンバープレート・トライアル (Japanese Version)


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