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  • TRN is a business research consultancy working with predominately private corporate clients from major economies worldwide. Core skills include market and industry analysis, and policy research across a number of high technology and fast moving industry sectors.

  • TRN was established in 2005 in London with a research network stretching across Europe, North and Latin America, Middle East and India, Asia-PacificIt brings together skills and expertise from experienced consultants and analysts with decades of combined business experience. Members of TRN have been working together across borders for more than 10 years.

  • TRN is in business to bring top quality global research and analysis to planners and decision makers efficiently and quickly, by utilizing its global research network, and its local client liaison capabilities.

  • TRN provides highly efficient, fast, reliable and proven business research solutions. If you need answers concisely, quickly, efficiently, and without stetching your tight research budget, TRN will design the most efficient research solution and deliver top quality results when you need them.


TRN Research Services
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TRN offers a tool box of research and consulting services which we employ individually or in combination. This gives our clients the choice of the best possible mix of qualitative, quantitative and actionable results to suit their objectives, time-scale and budget.

Specific services include:

  • Market Research and Forecasting
  • Industry Benchmarking Studies
  • Technology Trends Analysis
  • Business Policy Research
  • Regulatory Impact Assessment
  • M&A Partner Search, Screen and Evaluation
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Supply Chain Sustainability
Each of our assignments is unique. Each of our solutions is based first and foremost on gaining a deep understanding of client needs. The solutions we propose and implement with the client are designed to precisely address client needs while remaining flexible enough to accommodate unexpected findings and change of focus where required.
Recent Projects
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TRN Ltd has conducted a wide range of business research projects in recent years in the inter-connected vertical markets of IT, telecommunications, transportation and environment, as well as several related market segments.

Recent projects are outlined below by sector;


Transportation Technology and Policy

Telecoms /IT


Healthcare / Pharmaceutical

Government Procurement



Environment / Sustainability: Recent Projects

  • On-going research in support of product carbon footprint labelling standardisation in support of ISO 14067 standardisation activities.


  • Supply chain sustainability strategy for a major global Tier 1 supplier to the automotive sector.


  • Impact assessment of REACH directive on chemical management in the supply chain of several vertical markets for chemical intensive product categories.


  • Study on CO2 Registry Systems used worldwide in support of carbon trading initiatives.


  • Study on processes used by automotive manufacturers to evaluate and incorporate the use of recycled plastics and renewable (i.e. organic) components in new vehicle design.


  • Study on chemical management processes and environmental policy of global automotive manufacturers.


  • Trends in implementation of RoHS directive for reduction of hazardous substances.


  • Global research program in support for Tokyo 2020 Olympic legacy planning.



Transportation Technology and Policy: Recent Projects

  • Policy development and technology employed in Road User Charging projects worldwide, particularly in UK, Norway, Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, Singapore, USA and others.


  • Research into uses of specific technologies and platforms within transportation, in particular RFID, DSRC, GPS, cellular positioning, Smart Cards, and electronic number plates, including the SINIAV project in Brazil.


  • Global study on the emergence of telematics-enabled, usage-based motor vehicle insurance - also known as pay as you drive (PAYD) insurance. Particular focus on technological and commercial factors.


  • On-going study of the European Market for Commercial Vehicle Fleet Management Systems (FMS) including detailed financial analysis of key players and a scenario approach to post-recession market forecasting.


  • Analysis of strategies and processes for R&D management and innovation management at leading global automotive companies.


  • Automotive industry research e.g. benchmarking leading global automotive companies in fields such as chemical management, and environmental policy.


  • Regular bulletins, special reports and presentation for client companies and industry groups on transportation policy and emerging technologies.



Telecoms / IT: Recent Projects


  • Market, suppliers and deployment status of Service Delivery Platforms (SDPs) in the European telecommunications sector, together with an analysis of emerging business models to exploit their full potential.


  • Global study evaluating vendors of sophisticated Intelligent Video Surveillance (IVS) and Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) technologies and applications.


  • Benchmarking study on the use of software engineering methodologies in the development of high reliability IT systems.


  • Study of Emergency Planning and Business Continuity Planning (BCP) approaches employed by leading public and private sector organisations in the UK.


  • Analysis of electronic trading platforms in Europe and USA for energy, commodity and derivatives trading.


  • Survey of independent software vendors (ISVs) for commodity and financial derivative trading information systems.


  • Analysis of market and competing technologies in the field of icon-based messaging.


Electronics: Recent Projects

  • Analysis of the global supply base and market for hard disk drives.


  • Business modeling for development of a business unit based on home entertainment solutions.


  • Analysis of buying decisions by micro-processor manufacturing equipment industry.



Healthcare/Pharma: Recent Projects

  • Investigation into capabilities of Contract Research Organisations (CROs) to support establishment of strategic alliances and M&A.


  • Numerous business development projects for western pharmaceutical companies in Eastern Europe, Russia, Korea, and for Japanese pharmaceutical companies in Europe.



Government Procurement: Recent Projects

  • On-going research into implementation and coverage of WTO Government Procurement Agreement (GPA) and EU Public Procurement Directives 2004/17/EC and 2004/18/EC.



Consumer: Recent Projects

  • Consumer market research in UK, Eastern Europe, Japan and elsewhere in product categories such as beverages, food stuffs, cosmetics, toiletries and PVC products.
TRN Reports Overview


Indian Tracking Report Header

Indian Vehicle Tracking &

Fleet Management Market, 2013-17 2nd Edition, June 2013


The new 146 page report with 72 original charts takes a fresh look at the Indian vehicle tracking and fleet management market in light of recent economic developments, revised economic forecasts and recent changes in the political outlook in the first half of 2013. The report is based on primary interviews with providers of fleet management systems as well as with commercial vehicle manufacturers and other market participants both within India and internationally. The report includes in-depth analysis of 12 vertical markets for tracking and fleet management and makes individual forecasts for these based on their unique demand drivers and dynamics. The report includes interview-based profiles with 20 of the leading tracking and fleet management companies in India, and includes a wealth of original market data, industry intelligence, expert opinion and original forecasts of vertical market volume and value under two highly developed scenarios to 2017.

TRN India FMS Report Cover - August 2012

Table of Contents & List of Figures

Download Report Details

Press Release




Or Contact Us for question about the report.


TRN Indian Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management 2015-19 (3rd Edition) is currently under development. If you would like to know more, please Join Our Mailing List



The following papers and presentation are now available from our achieve, free of charge.

TRN Paper examining the likely impact of the financial crisis on the European fleet management sector, written at the depth of the initial downturn.

TRN Impact of Financial Crisis on European Fleet Management Sector

TRN Presentation to ITS Japan on developments in EU safety policy (see final slides for linkage between usage based insurance / PAYD and safety)

TRN ITS Japan European Road Safety Policy Developments, (English Version)

TRN 欧州における道路交通安全施策の現状, (Japanese Version)

TRN Presentation to Japanese Ministry of Transport on recent developments in automatic vehicle identification (AVI), in particular electronic number plates (ENP).

TRN Recent Developments in Electronic Vehicle Identification (English Version)

TRN 国土交通省英国DVLA電子ナンバープレート・トライアル (Japanese Version)


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INDIA Vehicle Tracking Resources


ZENRIN-DataCom make major acquisition in Indian and South East Asian Telematics Sector

On 1st July 2013, ZENRIN DataCom, the leading Japanese location and navigation technology provider substantially increased in presence in the Indian and South East Asian telematics sector with the acquisition of Singapore-based INFOTRACK TELEMATICS PRIVATE LTD.

Read more



MINISTRY OF URBAN DEVELOPMENT, Government of India http://www.urbanindia.nic.in/

Draft Bus ITS Related Specifications (22 August 2012)


TENDERS: Indian Government and Private Sector tenders can be searched here:



DELHI Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System Ltd (auto-rickshaw tracking)



One of the largest GPS vehicle tracking tenders, to track 12,000 buses, was issued by APSRTC in early 2012.




MYSORE: SUSTAINABLE URBAN TRANSPORT PROJECT: http://www.sutpindia.com/mysore.php

Intelligent Transport System (ITS) - ITS subproject is designed to improve operational and managerial efficiency in the bus transport system. Activities in this Sub-Component include:

Project Management Consultants - KSRTC plans to outsource the supervision of ITS installation and charge the costs (estimated at 9.4 million Rupees) to the project.

SEE ALSO CMC Ltd "Best ICT-enabled Urban Governance Initiative of the Year" eWORLD FORUM 2012 http://ewf.eletsonline.com/2012/05/intelligent-transport-system-ksrtc-mysore-cmc-ltd/


TRN Market Report on Indian Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management Market 2013-17 (2nd Edition)

Indian FMS 2013-17 Header






News and Conferences on Indian Vehicle Tracking, Fleet Management and Navigation Industry: Telematics Wire


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